About Brent

A little history about Brent..

Brent is an alumni of Scranton Prep, afterwards he attended Pennsylvania State University graduating with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Business Administration, focusing on marketing and management.

Currently Brent is working for a political action committee. He is also starting to establish himself in the world of insurance as a broker. He has his Property & Casualty insurance license. 

Brent has a very unique set of qualifications. He is always looking for opportunities to network and expand potential and favorable business connections and/or opportunities. Along with his formal education he is also a self taught programmer & graphic designer.


The hobbies Brent enjoys most all include the outdoors. When he is not at working you can usually find him with a fishing pole in his hand fishing for bass. Or in general out in the woods; either hiking with his dog or just taking a walk in the woods by himself. 

He also loves to travel, learn about new technologies, take photographs, go to the movies, golf (he tries), read, and going out trying and tasting new foods. Brent is always eager to learn new things.